Looking through the Diary of Witold Gombrowicz at the 21st century

Literary layers I | by C/*G

Writing anything beyond what’s necessary seems pointless today. There are more words published than lifetimes humanity would need to read them. Everyone writes but almost nobody has the time nor the attention to read more than a few lines. We’ve arrived where Witold Gombrowicz has envisioned in his Diary: “Who has decreed that one should write only when one has something to write? Why, art consists of writing not what one has to say, but something altogether unexpected.” …

Reflections on Fragments of an Infinite Memory: My Life with the Internet by Maël Renouard

HTTP Error 403: Forbidden | by C/*G

The ideologically driven techno-solutionism proposes to reduce social phenomena to neatly defined simple problems that algorithms can tackle one by one. It rushes to attack hard problems directly, rarely considering their context of complexity, and at times (as at the present moment) chaos underlying politics, economy, and other entangled social dynamics. Growing increasingly invisible and incomprehensible, technology is a quiet harbinger of uncertainty triggering in humans a mental state where the mind hangs suspended between contradictory propositions, unable to commit to any of them.


Reflections on Fragments of an Infinite Memory: My Life with the Internet by Maël Renouard

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In chapter three of the Fragments, the book blossoms into an enormous wild bouquet of ideas, featuring so many species of thought, I’m overwhelmed by the variety of intellectual fragrance. But Renouard pretends neither to the position of an academic Venus Flytrap nor to present himself as competition to Houellebecq. The book isn’t echoing Neil Postman’s insistence that Orwell and Huxley were right. Renouard leaves enough space for readers to engage their imagination when thinking about the future. Or he might secretly be hinting George…

Reflections on Fragments of an Infinite Memory: My Life with the Internet by Maël Renouard

Data of Desire I

Maël Renouard begins his book with an intriguing first chapter that ends on a sentence holding the door open for our curiosity:

“The internet shows that recollection has charted the path of technology — infinite distancing and preservation — and melancholy is the future of emotion.”

Renouard is a French philosophy professor who originally published The Fragments of an Infinite Memory in 2016, while I was conducting a year-long social experiment in Paris. The findings of my experiment resulted in a firm personal resolve to…

Discussions about the future of work in the Public Service often mention the need for public servants to be more agile.

One way of thinking about Agile is to ask yourself what is the best way to sail directly into the wind. Have you ever been in the middle of a roaring ocean on a small boat tossed by Poseidon’s wrath?

For many, 2020 felt like the Ocean Race: the toughest test of a team in sport and sailing’s greatest round-the-world challenge — the ultimate showdown of the human spirit against nature’s fury and improbable odds. …

Prometheus Brings Fire, 1817, by Heinrich Friedrich Füger | Public Domain

Digitalization has many definitions that are perhaps too abstract to throw against the prevailing industrial-age attitudes. However, the pace of digital integration at all levels is fast becoming an indicator of measurable socio-economic success. Invisible influence emanates from regions (sometimes conveniently sized to constitute a state, such as Estonia, sometimes talent-magnetic locations, such as the Silicon Valley) who quickly digitalize not just industries and the economy, but also their practices and institutions of governance.

“Digitalization is the generic term for the Digital Transformation of society and the economy. It describes the transition from an industrial age characterized by analog technologies…

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